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Lyrics Valley of Lost Souls Poison

Song Lyrics For Valley of Lost Souls by Poison


I hit the highway
Touch life barely sixteen
No angel of mercy
Coming down to save the soul of me
I took a Greyhound limousine
Straight to grand central NYC
It was ass, gas, or grass, living fast
Nobody rides for free
Living it up, giving it up
Living in the valley of lost souls
Wanting it all, taking the fall
Living in the valley of lost souls
Miss Misery come ride me
How I love her company
She did Boston justice
And wronged all the right out of me
The devil wears a black suit
He says Iím liviní like a bum
So what Iím looking like Iím half dead
A gypsy on the run
Feels like timeís running out on me
But I wasnít born to play nobodyís fool
Ainít nobody gonna hold me down to play nobodyís fool
Ainít nobody gonna hold me down
Iíve gotta roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll
Somebody save me

Song Lyrics Valley of Lost Souls by Poison download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Valley of Lost Souls by Poison

Poison Artist Fact:

Following their third album, Poison would go on a world tour. After coming off the road however, DeVilleí drug addictions would cause tensions. After a violent argument with Michaels, he would be replaced with Richie Kotzen. The band would continue releasing moderately successful albums throughout the nineties, and would open for KISS on the Rock the Nation tour in 2004....Read Poison Bio

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