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Lyrics Unashamed Whitney Houston

Song Lyrics For Unashamed by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

If I changed my mind,
if I changed my faith,
every time a stop light signaled
each time I made mistakes
I don? think that I
would be where I am today
I live my life without regrets
what you see is
what you see is
what you see is what you get
And I?m
Unashamed of the life I lead
unashamed of the strength on my knees
of choices I?e made,
of the love that I?e saved
of the things I?ve done,
my belief in the One
Unashamed of the words of my friends,
i know who they are
make mistakes, make amends
follow my instincts, my star
on my sleeve i wear my heart
Adding up my life, it totals all my dreams
I?m counting all my blessings
and the gifts I have received
Still there?s always someone
something to overcome
Took all my life to understand
that I am what I am, who I am
(Do you)
do you wanna know how it goes?
Do you wanna control how I feel?
Do you wanna stay in my life?
Then listen here, and listen good,
you got to get it,
got to get it,
got to get it right!
Chorus (say what you want)
Written by

Album: Just Whitney
Released: Nov 25, 2002
More Info: see news

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Song Fact:

The Tune Unashamed by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Artist Fact:

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