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Lyrics Take Him in My Heart Accept

Song Lyrics For Take Him in My Heart by Accept

Once upon a time she was a girl so young and sad
And holy pray (_____) before she went to bed
Her body was imaculate, her hair was solid gold
Pretend she?s still a virgin for (______)
But no one could imagine how the girl would need a man
She dreamed about a better life
So sadly, so sadly
Take him in my heart
It?s a long way to start
With a man who doesn?t make sence for you
Take him in my heart
It?s a long way to start
If you don?t know which way to go
One morning she was feeling bad and didn?t go to school
She went to town to find a man who?d watch her (_____)
Moving hard and (_____) she was walking down the street
Suddenly she saw a man, the man she dreamed to meet
Helluva guy, you?re looking good- don?t you think it?s allright
Too lonely now, I need a man so badly- so badly
Man look in her eyes and took her (____) by the hand
I want you here with me, but I can?t understand
Why don?t you leave your castle and try to live your life
(Without a hole ______) and doing all that?s right
You think you are the greatest and (_____) is your own
Forever you will feel so good so help me- so help me

Song Lyrics Take Him in My Heart by Accept download free song words.

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The Tune Take Him in My Heart by Accept

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