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Lyrics Take Good Care Of My Heart Whitney Houston

Song Lyrics For Take Good Care Of My Heart by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

(Duet with Jermaine Jackson)
Time can pass so slowly, when you feel so all alone
Love can strike like lightning, when you find your heart a home
I?ve seen it in the movies, read about it in a book
I?ve never feel it, but your touch was all it took
Take good care of my heart
Take good care of my heart
Baby you?re the first to take it
You?re the only one who can break it
I love you more than I should
But it keeps me feeling so good
I?ve waited for your love for ever
You?re the one to take good care of my heart
Come and make you?re magic, til you have me hypnotised
If we get any closer, I?ll be drowning in your eyes
You?re the one I needed most, when my love was on the line
I?m so glad you gave me yours, when I gave you mine

Song Lyrics Take Good Care Of My Heart by Whitney Houston download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Take Good Care Of My Heart by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Artist Fact:

Born on the 9th of August 1963, Whitney Houston is a well known ‘80s artist. She is renowned for her powerful coloratura soprano singing voice, as well as the range, power, and melismatic skill of her vocals. She first rose to prominence in the year 1985 with the release of her eponymous debut album, which was successful around the world. She scored numerous hit singles on the charts in the United States. Houston was one of the premiere African American artists to receive heavy rotation on the early days of MTV....Read Whitney_Houston Bio

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