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Lyrics TAKE A LOOK BEHIND YA Billy Squier

Song Lyrics For TAKE A LOOK BEHIND YA by Billy Squier

Billy Squier

Thereís trouble on the rise--you can see it in the eyes of the liviní
Thereís an order to defy--thereís a room at the back of your mind
Word gets out--whatís it all about
Some take it in and some can do without
Donít hang out in the shadow of a doubt
Itís time you split before they sign you out
Theyíll have you sing the blues...

Take a look behind ya
Take it on the run
Take a look behind ya
Look into the risiní sun

You can dance, you can sing, but it doesnít mean a thing without rhythm
You can slip--slide--stumble through the rest of your life
Time wonít stop--never gonna stop ya
You push the limit Ďtil the day you drop
Time donít stop--race against the clock
You shun the risk--can you stand the shock
You got a lot to lose...

Take a look behind ya
Take it on the run
Take a look behind ya
Look into the risiní sun

Take a look behind ya
Take it as it comes
Take a look behind ya
Donít forget the things you done

You can run--you can hide but you never put aside what youíre feeliní
Keep your balance--keep your stride--let it run through the heart of your life
Time donít stop--ready or not
Youíve got to give it everything you got
Life donít stop--take it to the top...
You miss a step feel the anchor drop
It all comes back to you...

Song Lyrics TAKE A LOOK BEHIND YA by Billy Squier download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune TAKE A LOOK BEHIND YA by Billy Squier

Billy Squier Artist Fact:

Billy Squier was born on May 12, 1950, in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. He first appeared in the 1970s with his band the Sidewinders, but also found success in a solo career. ...Read Billy_Squier Bio

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