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Lyrics Neon Row George Strait

Song Lyrics For Neon Row by George Strait

You’ve been out again tonight
with the girls out on the town
but in those magic neon lights
I know exactly what you found
what about your home?
and the man who loves you so
Is it worth the thrill you feel
down on neon row
If you’re lonely then your easy
them good ol’ boys just pick and choose
and lonely women are in season
a one night stand’s an all night lose
and all those lonely high-heeled ladies
are always putting on a show
but in the morning putting on coffee
and putting back on the clothes they wore the night before
to neon row
Girl I can’t hold you back
not one day longer
If my love ain’t strong enough
to keep you home
Just start the fire
to burn the bridges
and maybe some night will lead in the magic light
down on neon row
Repeat Chorus:
and putting back on the clothes they wore the night before
to neon row

Song Lyrics Neon Row by George Strait download free song words.

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The Tune Neon Row by George Strait

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