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Lyrics NAYIBSS SONG (I am Here For You) Gloria Estefan

Song Lyrics For NAYIBSS SONG (I am Here For You) by Gloria Estefan

Lately my son Iíve been confused
Donít know what to tell you Ďcause itís all such bad news
Lately my son Iíve been discouraged
I look around and it fills me with worry
What kind of world can I offer you
Where will it all lead, do we have the sense to make it through?
Iíve tried to figure it out, to have an answer I can tell you
But all I can see, all I can see
Is I am here for you, and you are here for me
Itís an ongoing process
I will take care of you and you will take care of me
If were gona make some progress
(verse 2)
Lately my son I feel ashamed
For many things that have happened and are happening again
Really my son I thought weíd learned
From what I see around me itís a very tough world
But all I can hope is that you take it as a challenge
To create somthing new that will take you far,
I know that you can manage
To scatter some hope, Ďcause itís not to late to repair the damage
The only way it can be, is so easy to see
repeat chorus
You gotta believe, never be afraid to dream
But follow it through, Ďcause it wonít get done unless it comes from you
Gotta make it all work, for the ones that are coming after you
Though hard it may seem, gotta believe
repeat chorus

Song Lyrics NAYIBSS SONG (I am Here For You) by Gloria Estefan download free song words.

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The Tune NAYIBSS SONG (I am Here For You) by Gloria Estefan

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