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Lyrics LOVE LIKE FIRE Billy Idol

Song Lyrics For LOVE LIKE FIRE by Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Well I met her downtown
I think we’d spoken
I think we’d spoken once before
The sound was loud
I said yeah, I said yeah give me more
And something deep inside
Started engines of desire
And y’know there ain’t a chance
Of stopping love, love like fire
Love like fire
She was great so great to be with
I felt so good when she was there
My time was coming at me
And I swore I’d never care
And I thought there ain’t nothing else
All the poets here are liars
When you’re chasing something real
You get burnt by love like fire
Love like fire
I thought she likes the rest
And I know I’m in control
I can take it or I can leave it
You can forget that lovers role
The world you thought you knew
Gets strangled by the wire
And you crash while running blind
Destroyed by love, love like fire
Love like fire
Love like fire

Song Lyrics LOVE LIKE FIRE by Billy Idol download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune LOVE LIKE FIRE by Billy Idol

Billy Idol Artist Fact:

Two years later, Billy Idol would release his next album. Whiplash Smile would prove a success, mainly with the inclusion of “Mony, Mony,” a live cover of Tommy James’ song of the same title. The album also included “Sweet Sixteen,” and “To Be a Lover.” ...Read Billy_Idol Bio

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