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Lyrics KEY TO THE WORLD Heaven 17

Song Lyrics For KEY TO THE WORLD by Heaven 17

Im working every hour but Im heading for a crash
Im sick of living fast and running short of cash
Tell me whats so bad about wanting to feel so good
I want a better life and Id like to buy one if I could
Ive got my key
Ive got my key to the world
Liquidity dont bother me
Ive got my key to the world
Theyll send me all their money and all I have to do is sign
Living in a big way a winner all the time
In just five golden hours Id bought myself a car
I sold my soul for charge plate gold we know who you are
My key to the world
Its all too easy
Buying items on your wish list its easier than you think
But trying to fill the luxury gap has pushed me to the brink
To friends I am a legend the man who had them beat
But to the credit agencies Im Mr. Obsolete ---- delete!
My key to the world

Song Lyrics KEY TO THE WORLD by Heaven 17 download free song words.

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The Tune KEY TO THE WORLD by Heaven 17

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