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Lyrics Keeping the Love Alive Air Supply

Song Lyrics For Keeping the Love Alive by Air Supply

Air Supply

(Richard Supa)
Both of us holding back
So afraid
To fall in love and lose again
We?ve both been hurt before
Saw love walk out the door
In the end...
Actin? as cold as ice
When we wanna be
It?s just a foolish game we play
You couldn?t hurt me bad enough
To make me give it up
And walk away
We can?t stop
The feeling?s to strong
We?ve got the will to hang on
Can?t stop
We struggle and fight to survive
Keepin? the love alive
We try to forget the past
So many times
It?s hard to make those memories leave
With all we have at steak
We?ll bend until we break
?Cause we both believe
(Repeat Chorus)
If we stand the test of time
Love will be the lasting kind
(Repeat Chorus)

Song Lyrics Keeping the Love Alive by Air Supply download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Keeping the Love Alive by Air Supply

Air Supply Artist Fact:

Air Supply’s first Australian hit single was "Love and Other Bruises." This single was followed by a self-titled debut album that reached Gold status in Australia, and their second album, "The Whole Thing's Started". Singles during this period included "Empty Pages" and "Do What You Do". The group toured with Rod Stewart in Australia and the U.S....Read Air_Supply Bio

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