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Lyrics (I PUT A) SPELL ON YOU Billy Squier

Song Lyrics For (I PUT A) SPELL ON YOU by Billy Squier

Billy Squier

Find yourself in the middle of the night
With a stranger in the darkness--somethiní donít seem right
Ask yourself Ďwhatever does it mean?í
You feel you donít belong here--still youíre drawn into the scene
Take yourself to the middle of a dream
In a foreign situation nothinís really what it seems
Youíre not alone--through the static in your mind
Thereís a long-distance lover on your night-line
From outa nowhere you meet a man--says Ďthe time is rightí
You never knew him--you canít get to him
But when ya do--youíll see the light
I put a spell on you
Iíll look you up--Iíll break you down
I put a spell on you
Time goes on--like a soldier in the rain
Now youíve been around the world and now youíre goiní back again
Tell yourself that thereís somethiní more to gain
When you step into the fire you can never be the same
I see you moviní--you canít go home and you donít know why
You look for somethiní--you feel that somethiní
Will pull ya through--now wrong or right
I put a spell on you
I watch you walk--you wonít get far
I put a spell on you
It keeps you moviní--what will you do when your time is right
You take that somethiní--Iíll give ya somethiní
Donítcha know--I think you might
I put a spell on you

Song Lyrics (I PUT A) SPELL ON YOU by Billy Squier download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune (I PUT A) SPELL ON YOU by Billy Squier

Billy Squier Artist Fact:

In 1982 Billy Squier released his last top ten album, Emotions in Motion. The album also ended up number five in the US. In 1982 he released singles like, ďEverybody Wants You,Ē and ďEmotions in Motion.Ē...Read Billy_Squier Bio

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