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Lyrics Half a Mile Away Billy Joel

Song Lyrics For Half a Mile Away by Billy Joel

Billy Joel

Little Geo is a friend of mine
We get some money and we buy a cheap wine
Sit on the corner and have a holiday
Hide the bottle when the cop goes by
Talk about women and lie, lie, lie
Oh, my other world is just a half a mile away.
Wait for mama to turn out the light
Crawl on the roof and then I hit the night
I should be sleeping but tonight but I just canít stay
Iíve given everybody so much time
Now I need a moment thatís mine...
Oh my other world is just a half a mile away
Itís just a half a mile away
Angelina save a place for me
Iíve been liviní someone elseís life and now Iíve got to be free
Turn your transistor on and let the music play
I try to keep the family satisfied
But thereís gotta be more to life than just try, try, try
Oh my other world is only half a mile away
Itís just a half a mile away

Song Lyrics Half a Mile Away by Billy Joel download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Half a Mile Away by Billy Joel

Billy Joel Artist Fact:

While Joel has officially retired from writing and recording pop music, he nevertheless continues to tour relentlessly. Recent years have seen Joel teaming up with Elton John for a series of tours in which the two play each otherís music and collaborate in duets. Joel has also recorded an album of classical music....Read Billy_Joel Bio

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