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Lyrics Generation clash Accept

Song Lyrics For Generation clash by Accept

Generation clash
Warnings around me
Coming on strong
Hear the desire
That young dudes are fools
But systems will berak down
The way they all do
A general burden
When ever we?re through
Powers are freezing
The that they are
They fornicating
With each others minds
Typical outcome in whatever we do
We stand on our own rebellion the groove
Generation Clash
Generation Clash we got the guts to go
They?re blaming our music
Say we?re wasting time
The fever?s been itching
While we stand in line)
?Cause you?re always bitching
You can?t hold back the time
Searching for teasure or something to hold
We?ll find our pleasure in the cast you mond
Generation Clash --------------
Generation Clash and so the story goes
Generation Clash ain?t gonna nose
Generation Clash ain?t got the time to know
Hey Mom (generation)
Have you always followed the golden rule (clash)
Cause this just happens to be my first love (generation)
And that being (clash)
A must - a must (generation)
That being playin? my guitar (clash)
We try to follow your golden rule
Don?t seem to matter we ain?t from your school
We tries to reason tried to turn it inside out
Without no compromising my guitar will scream out loud
Generation Clash
Generation Clash - that?s how the story goes
Generation Clash - and only time will show
Generation Clash - You gotta gotta let me go

Song Lyrics Generation clash by Accept download free song words.

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The Tune Generation clash by Accept

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