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Lyrics (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice Poison

Song Lyrics For (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice by Poison


Like animals
Tonight we make it
You give me an inch,
Iím gonna take it
Iíll steal your love
Like a thief
To be as one
is my belief
Donít look back and have no regrets
Like beasts of prey we must feed on it
Iíll be your one, your one and only
To feel me burn come close and hold me
Flesh and Blood sacrifice
Melts the heart like fire and ice
Flesh and blood like fire to ice
Are you willing to sacrifice
Thereís no more time,
Donít think about
The flame will die
If you doubt
Itís a game of
Love and hate
To lose it allís
a chance we take
Come to me and take my hand
Itís in the fire that we must stand
Iíll take you down under my gun
Our flesh and blood will be as one
Our blood runs deeper than a river
The less you need the more Iím gonna give you
And give you but good
Solo, chorus

Song Lyrics (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice by Poison download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice by Poison

Poison Artist Fact:

Following their third album, Poison would go on a world tour. After coming off the road however, DeVilleí drug addictions would cause tensions. After a violent argument with Michaels, he would be replaced with Richie Kotzen. The band would continue releasing moderately successful albums throughout the nineties, and would open for KISS on the Rock the Nation tour in 2004....Read Poison Bio

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