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Lyrics Falling Down Warrant

Song Lyrics For Falling Down by Warrant


I keep talking to myself, but the words
Sound like some one else
I知 ready to bleed all this shit
From my veins
I知 willing to plead for a cure
To the pain
And I am amazed that I知 still
I知 falling down
My world is spinning round
It feels like I知 flying
The feeling is lying
I知 falling down
Falling down
I知 a monster
I知 not well
No mirrors
So I cannot tell
There痴 a zoo on my back
And a cloud on my soul
Where I once had a heart
There痴 a bottomless hole
I wish I could get back
An ounce of control
I can稚 see beauty in anything
I can稚 tell where I tripped up
Where I fell
I知 a piece of candy cane
Wedged tightly in a drain
Day by day, dissolving away

Song Lyrics Falling Down by Warrant download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Falling Down by Warrant

Warrant Artist Fact:

Despite their lack of success, Warrant signed on with Columbia Records in January 1988 and would finally strike gold. Their debut album, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, gave way to two chart topping power ballads, 滴eaven and 鉄ometimes She Cries. It also produced an eventual rock anthem, 泥own Boys....Read Warrant Bio

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