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Lyrics FALL FOR LOVE Billy Squier

Song Lyrics For FALL FOR LOVE by Billy Squier

Billy Squier

You know sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night...
And I get to thinkiní about all the crazy things we do in life just to get by...
And somehow somethiní always seems to escape me...
And I find myself holdiní on to nothiní more than a dream...
And it keeps hauntiní me...over and over and over again...

In a darkened sky of blue Iím thinkiní of you...
As the pieces come unglued Iím reachiní for you...
Love can change the days in your life
Heartbeats and whispers in the dead of night
The sound of a hand--the touch of an eye
Visions are calliní that you canít deny

And I fall for love...
So every day Iím out on the streets tryiní to make some sense of it...
You know sometimes it feels so close that I can almost reach out...
But it always slips away...
I keep telliní myself...I canít stop tryiní...not ever...

ĎTil I see that dream come true baby with you...
If itís the final thing I do Iím waitiní for you...
Loneliness and love will collide
The bodyís breakiní but the spiritís alive
And just when you think itís all been a lie
Visions are calliní and you never can deny

And I fall for love...
...Iím gonna keep on tryiní...

Song Lyrics FALL FOR LOVE by Billy Squier download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune FALL FOR LOVE by Billy Squier

Billy Squier Artist Fact:

In 1982 Billy Squier released his last top ten album, Emotions in Motion. The album also ended up number five in the US. In 1982 he released singles like, ďEverybody Wants You,Ē and ďEmotions in Motion.Ē...Read Billy_Squier Bio

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