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Lyrics Faith Air Supply

Song Lyrics For Faith by Air Supply

Air Supply

(Rick Hahn, George Thatcher)
Easy come and easy go
Hard to get a hold on
Searching for what you don?t know
Blind to where you belong
Feel the power in your dreams
Vision in your sight
Nothing?s dark as it may seem
We can make it right
I have faith
In your love
I have faith
In your heart
You don?t need to hide from what you want
You?ve just got to give it all you got
The first thing that you need
You got to have faith
Truth hidden between the lies
We both know the chances
Nothing comes from compromise
Only strength advances
I will be here at your side
For everything you do
When the world tears at your pride
I?ll be there for you
(Chorus) When the world?s coming at you like a hungry alligator
You got to have faith
When you?ve got to pay them now or they?ll take it from you later
You got to have faith
When you feel like the future?s hiding on a distant cloud
You got to have faith
And you feel like shouting at the good Lord out loud
You got to have faith
When you know that you?re ready but the time is not right
You got to have faith
And you lie awake staring at the ceiling all night
You got to have faith

Song Lyrics Faith by Air Supply download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Faith by Air Supply

Air Supply Artist Fact:

The Air Supply duo met in 1975 when performing in the Australian production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Later that year along with Chrissie Hammond, formed Air Supply as a five-man group....Read Air_Supply Bio

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