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Lyrics Easy Come, Easy Go George Strait

Song Lyrics For Easy Come, Easy Go by George Strait

says shes had enough of me
Iíve had enough of her too
I might as well go on and set her free
sheís already turned me lose
no fault no blame nobody done no wrong
thats just the way it sometimes goes
sometimes two people just dont get along
and its time to hit the road
So long
Vaya condios
Wish you well
Take it slow
Easy come girl, Easy Go
We tried to work it out a hundred times
Ninety-nine it didnt work
I think itís best we put it all behind
Before we wind up gettin hurt
No hard feelins darlin no regrets
No tears and no broken hearts
Call it quits callin off all bets
It just wasnt in the cards
Easy come girl, Easy go
Vaya condios, Good luck
Easy come, Easy go

Song Lyrics Easy Come, Easy Go by George Strait download free song words.

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The Tune Easy Come, Easy Go by George Strait

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