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Lyrics Dan Takes Five Georgia Satellites

Song Lyrics For Dan Takes Five by Georgia Satellites

Stuffed my heart in a bag slammed the back door
if I get home itíd be a home no more
took off runnin in the middle of the night
I was aimed for anything that felt half right
look out baby Iím gone a little ride
I see my name written on the center line
moon looks good air is cool
every bone been broken in the Golden Rule
Well Iím flyin through Dothan with radio
Taylorís Ole Time Opryís playin Hank Snow
singís my nightmares in his song
I say Iím with ya man Iím just movin on
look out baby your wish came true
you got your freedom the house and the whole canoe
I got the thangs that I need
I took the car my pride and three pairs of jeans
My brain is bleedin got nails in my spine
but I ainít gonna stop Ďfore that empty line
radioís fadin roadís like a snake
itís two in the morniní and Iím wide awake
look out baby Gates of Eden got closed
but New Orleanís open see the pretty lights glow
Iím goin in to get myself lost and found
it didnít take too ___damn long to tear a good thing down
It may not be ideal
but at least weíre not running at the mouth
I-10 to San Antone
woke up and went south
fleeced at the border
for thirty five and some change
but thatís a small price to pay
runnin from the pain
look out baby Iím gone a little ride
thereís a brush fire on the highway
gonna burn both side
wish I could throw our sins
in the flame and smoke
Iíll call you up if and when I reach hope

Song Lyrics Dan Takes Five by Georgia Satellites download free song words.

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The Tune Dan Takes Five by Georgia Satellites

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