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Lyrics Damn U Prince

Song Lyrics For Damn U by Prince

Damn u, uíre so fine
Seems 2 happen 2 me each and every time we make love
I canít hold back
Itís like having a hundred million little heart attacks
Damn u, baby uíre so fine
Damn this kooky love affair
All I ever want 2 do is play in your hair
2 people crazy in love
Into 1 another like a hand in a glove
Damn this kooky love affair
(damn u)
Like animals just born 2 breed
Come 2 think about cha baby
Uíre my only need
Iím on fire Ďtil u come and put me out
All Iím trying 2 say is that my psychadelic shouts
When u damn me
Damn u
When Iím in your arms itís all that I can do
When weíre makiní love, I canít hold back
Itís like having a hundred million little heart attacks
Damn u, baby uíre so fine
Damn u, baby uíre so fine
That oneís dedicated 2 all the lovers
That was beautiful
This oneís dedicates 2 the whores
What you just...
Pimprag, check (pimprag)
Just once will you talk to meí
Tootsie pop, check (tootsie pop)
Not at me, not around me, not through meí
Raise your cane (cane)
What do you believe iní
Who is your Godí
Is this reality or just another facadeí

Song Lyrics Damn U by Prince download free song words.

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The Tune Damn U by Prince

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