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Lyrics D-train Accept

Song Lyrics For D-train by Accept

Life is something very srange
Never know where you are headed for
What to do nothing new
Nothing seems to be worth living for
?Cause sometimes you fall off the track
But that don?t mean it?s wasted
Come on get your timing right
And check out what?s a coming
Don?t kiss the d-train
Kiss the d-train
You think you got no place to run
But just ahead there
is an open floor, yeah
?Cause you can?t run-no-you can?t hide
and you won?t see while
walking with closed eyes, no
Come on it ain?t paradise
But that don?t mean it?s wasted
You?ve gotta get your timing right
And check out what?s a coming
Don?t kiss the d-train
Kiss the d-train
Don?t be messning with the d-train
Kiss the d-train
Stay wawy from the d-train
Kiss tha d-train
Knock that shit off!

Song Lyrics D-train by Accept download free song words.

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The Tune D-train by Accept

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