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Lyrics BREAK THE SILENCE Billy Squier

Song Lyrics For BREAK THE SILENCE by Billy Squier

Billy Squier

Turn through the pages back in your life
The world in changes got you under the knife
It donít turn easy...no matter what you say
You go Ďround crazy...you throw it all away
Lost in action...torn and tired
Cool talkiní when your face is on fire
Scarred romances...cast away
Rolliní stoned...donít turn away
Break the silence
Send a message...a message of love
Lost through the ages back in your mind
You know whatís yours...can you tell me whatís mine
Old man trouble come knockiní at your door
He run you in circles...throw you down on the floor
Crimes of passion...paranoid
Showdown...now itís search and destroy
Close relations...bound and gagged
Share the news...donít turn away
Break the silence
Send a message...a message of love
Heads and shoulders...ball and chain
Donít charge me when I try to explain
Reputations...modern jivers
Gentle souls...all break the silence
Break the silence
Send a message...a message of love

Song Lyrics BREAK THE SILENCE by Billy Squier download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune BREAK THE SILENCE by Billy Squier

Billy Squier Artist Fact:

In 1982 Billy Squier released his last top ten album, Emotions in Motion. The album also ended up number five in the US. In 1982 he released singles like, ďEverybody Wants You,Ē and ďEmotions in Motion.Ē...Read Billy_Squier Bio

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