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Lyrics I Belong To You Whitney Houston

Song Lyrics For I Belong To You by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

In a world where dreams are few
You?ve got me baby, I?ve got you
You?re the one that makes me feel brand new
Sometimes love can wear you out
Chill your soul baby, make you doubt
That?s you?ll never find the one that?s true
All my life I?ve longed for this
Someone who makes me happy
Let?s seal this moment with a kiss
I wanna know
And nothin?s gonna stop me cuz?
I?ve been to the bottom
But I?m back on top
And I?m feelin? the rhythm
As we start to rock
When ya get down to it
I belong to you
Though I?m not afraid to let it show
I?ll tell the world I want everyone to know
There?s nobody who does me like you do
All of my love is yours tonight
I live to make you happy
Nothin? has ever felt so right
I want it all
And nothin?s gonna stop me cuz?
When you touch me tender
And you reach my soul
When I start to weaken
And I lose control
When you get down to it
I belong to you

Song Lyrics I Belong To You by Whitney Houston download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune I Belong To You by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Artist Fact:

In recent years, Houston’s albums have been less successful. This coincides with much controversy in Houston’s personal life, which has included allegations of drug addiction, public displays of bizarre behavior, numerous cancellations of public appearances, and more. Houston recently entered rehab, and is allegedly recording a new album. She is one of the best selling artists in the world of popular music. Over 170 million albums have been sold all over the world....Read Whitney_Houston Bio

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