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Lyrics Beatown XTC

Song Lyrics For Beatown by XTC

I spoke to your boss this morning
He asked why you weren?t home?
I said sir they left without warning
You won?t even get them on the telephone
They?re in, it?s a capital city and all roads lead to
Beatown, beatown
I spoke to your owner this lunchtime
He asked why you weren?t home?
I said they thought it was hunchtime
You won?t even see them standing on their own
Beatown, it?s a capital city and all roads lead to
Beatown, beatown
He says he wants his money back sir
He says you?re all communists sir
I said they beat you fair and square sir
They use the head, and not the fist
Beatown, beatown

Song Lyrics Beatown by XTC download free song words.

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The Tune Beatown by XTC

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