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Lyrics Baby He's Your Man Toto

Song Lyrics For Baby He's Your Man by Toto


Well itís 2 a.m.
Youíre just getting in
Soon youíll be creepiní into bed
Later youíll pretend you were out with a friend
But Iím still inside your head
I donít understand
You say Iím your man
When itís clear youíre seeiní another
You can call me a fool for just lovingí you
But girl Iíll never find another
If you think heíll love you better
Your every wish is his command
Baby heís your man
Baby heís your man
Well, you spoke your mind
But I still canít find whatís wrong with you and me
I got somethingí to say
And baby come what may
Baby we were never meant to be
So I want you to know
I canít let him go
ĎTil find a love thatís real
I donít like this game
I donít need this pain
Iím just saying what I feel
I know he can love me better
My every wish is his command
Baby heís my man
[Instrumental brake]
Now I know I should love you better
Oh, my every every wish is his command
Baby heís your
Baby heís my
Baby heís your man
Baby heís my man

Song Lyrics Baby He's Your Man by Toto download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Baby He's Your Man by Toto

Toto Artist Fact:

Paich then started writing what would become the bandís debut. After the material was written, the band gathered in the studio to begin working on the album. Porcaro had recently seen the film The Wizard of Oz, and began marking his new bandís demo tapes with the word ďTotoĒ so that he would be able to identify them. When deciding upon a name for their group, the members began studying the roots of the word ďToto.Ē They found out that it is also a Latin word meaning ďall encompassing.Ē It seemed a perfect fit for the band, and so they took it as a name....Read Toto Bio

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