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Lyrics Avalon Hideaway ZZ Top

Song Lyrics For Avalon Hideaway by ZZ Top

ZZ Top

(Gibbons, Hill, Beard) 3:07
Somebody breathin? down my neck
While I?m tryin? to roll the bones
I don?t care I?ll just float a check
Cause I?m feelin? my gamblin? Jones
Here come seven, gimme eleven come again
Love to hideout where I am my own best friend
There?s crazy little Linda Lou
With the long and lanky legs
Nobody do it like Linda do
At these backwoods lone star dregs
Like I told you, head out FM 92
Roll in slowly, you?ll be safer if you do
If you don?t know what I?m talkin? about
Let me ease your worried mind
It?s the place to go without a doubt
But it?s a little bit hard to find
Back in the timber, once you?re there
You?ll wanna stay
Get loose and limber anytime night or day
Just remember, ask for the Avalon hideaway

Song Lyrics Avalon Hideaway by ZZ Top download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Avalon Hideaway by ZZ Top

ZZ Top Artist Fact:

Hill and Gibbons are also well known for their custom made guitars. Gibbons co-designed many of them with John Bolin of Bolin Guitars. Hill often employs basses with similar neck profiles to the kinds of basses he used to use in the early days of the band – the 1950s Fender Precision Bass. Gibbons and Hill are also famous for their chest length beards....Read ZZ_Top Bio

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