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Lyrics Another Day Bryan Adams

Song Lyrics For Another Day by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Woke up lyiní on the floor
Canít recall the night before
Oh - another day
Outside itís cold and damp
Unemployment cheque is spent
Yeah - another day
Some people never know
You canít just let it go
Or try and work it out some other way
Some people never learn
My life ainít their concern
And nothinís gonna change come what may
Had a job but it fell through
Landlord says the rent is due
Oh - another day
They say the best in life is free
But if you don?t pay then you don?t eat
Oh - another day
I guess Iíll never know
You canít just let it go
Or try to work it out some other way
Some people never learn
Their life ainít my concern
Ainít nothiní gonna change come what may
Grass looks greener on the other side
But I canít get there my hands are tied
And if I do donít be surprised
Oh - gotta figure it out another day

Song Lyrics Another Day by Bryan Adams download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Another Day by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Artist Fact:

In 1984 Bryan Adams followed up Cuts Like a Knife with his fourth album, Reckless. The album was even more successful than the former. The first single, ďRun To You,Ē rose to number 6 in the US and made it into the top 20 in the UK and Canada. In 1985 he released the single, ďHeavenĒ which was his first number one hit. The album also contained one of the more notable songs of the 1980s for him, ďSummer of Ď69.Ē ...Read Bryan_Adams Bio

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