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Lyrics A Little Love Bryan Adams

Song Lyrics For A Little Love by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Some people walk the straight and narrow - some walk the rocky road
some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load
thereís a man in a paper box he smiles whenever we walk by
we just walk a little faster and say Ďthere but for the crazy of God go Ií
But a little love - just a little love - a little love can change it all
iíve been up and down this highway and I ainít seen a road sign yet
itís cold hard world baby you gotta hang on yo what you get
I donít believe in miracles but that donít mean they donít come true
well I may not get to heaven but I get a little closer when Iím with you
but a little love - just a little love - a little love can change it all
well I get a little tired walkiní down the street
people on my side - everyone I meet
but they donít know whatís on my mind
and they donít know what they might find
a little love - just a little love - a little love can change it all
right when you think you donít need love is when you need it most
even if you got the father the son and the holy ghost
well thereís more to truth baby than what we know is true
ya we wonder round in the darkness
but every now and then a little shines thru
and a little love - just a little love can change it all

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Song Fact:

The Tune A Little Love by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Artist Fact:

Bryan Adams was born on November 5, 1959 in Kingston, Ontario. By the time Adams was 18 he was signed to A&M Records. His self-titled debut was released in 1980, but it didnít receive much radio respect. However in 1981 his album, You Want It, You Got It featured the single, Lonely Nights. ...Read Bryan_Adams Bio

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