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Lyrics A Hundred Years Tracy Chapman

Song Lyrics For A Hundred Years by Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman

Baby sweet baby
Wonít you please
Come on back home to me
Iíve been so lonely
These few days feel like
A hundred years
How you make me worry baby
How you make me worry about you
Here I am Iím knowing
That I canít live without you
Here I am thinking
Someday we make this a long time thing
Here I am Iím knowing
That I would do most anything
If you keep on loving me
Baby sweet baby
Iíve been waiting
Seem like waiting is all I do
Donít say you wonít come back to me
And make me have to go aout chasing after you
We get in a fight
You stay out late
You have no idea
How much you make me worry baby
Called everyone in town
I think you know
So come on now
Come on come on
Back home
Baby sweet baby
Iím a fool in love
But I still got my pride too
Iíll wait a little longer
Iíll suffer for my heart
Then Iíll go find someone to worry about me
As much as I worry about you

Song Lyrics A Hundred Years by Tracy Chapman download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune A Hundred Years by Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman Artist Fact:

Chapman began writing songs on the guitar when she was still a little girl. She was accepted in to A Better Chance, an academic program for gifted students of color, and later attended the Wooster School in Connecticut, as well as Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts....Read Tracy_Chapman Bio

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