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Lyrics A Far Cry Asia

Song Lyrics For A Far Cry by Asia


In the dead of night
On the wings of the wind
I hear the ocean bell
With a flash of light
In the beat of the dark
The sound I know so well
I shall never forget you
It?s been so long
I should never have left you
The call so strong
It?s a far cry from a wild world
It want to get back to you
Such a long road, to the homeland
I must make my way to a far cry
From the chords of the earth
To the depths of the sea
I will return
As I look to the hill
Through the eyes of the storm
I touch the flame
I shall never forget you
It?s been so long
I should never have left you
The call so strong
It?s such a far cry

Song Lyrics A Far Cry by Asia download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune A Far Cry by Asia

Asia Artist Fact:

Asia's self-titled debut album was a huge commercial success and spent nine weeks at the top of the US album charts. The album spawned the hit singles "Only Time Will Tell" and "Heat of the Moment." The tune "Sole Survivor" also received heavy radio play on rock stations across the United States....Read Asia Bio

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