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80's Song Lyrics from Please Forgive Us To POOR HAPPY JIMMY

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Please Forgive Us10000 Maniacs
Please Push No MoreGary Numan
Pleasure, Little TreasureDepeche Mode
Poetry And PowerGary Numan
Point Me At The SkyPink Floyd
Point Of No ReturnExpose
PoisonAlice Cooper
PoisonGary Numan
Poison ArrowABC
Poison HeartRamones
Poison In The Well10000 Maniacs
Poison My EyesAnthrax
Polar BearQueen
Poles ApartPink Floyd
Police HelicopterRed Hot Chili Peppers
Policy of TruthDepeche Mode
Polka Party!Weird Al Yankovic
Polka PatternsWeird Al Yankovic
Polka Power!Weird Al Yankovic
Polka Your Eyes OutWeird Al Yankovic
PolkamonWeird Al Yankovic
Polkas On 45Weird Al Yankovic
Pomp And CircumstanceAccept
Poom PoomPrince
Poor Boy BluesPoison
Poor CowElton John
Poor De Chiciro10000 Maniacs

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USA For Africa -

“We Are the World” earned a significant amount of money, all of which went to the USA for Africa Foundation. This foundation was built to provide relief for famine and disease in Africa. Some critics, however, maintain that the money earned from “We Are the World” actually went to the often corrupt governments of African nations, rather than the pe...
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Young M.C. -

Young M.C. grew up in Queens, New York. He attended Hunter College High School in New York before moving to the West Coast in order to study economics at the University of Southern California. He completed his degree shortly before Stone Cold Rhymin was completed. In addition to producing the hit single “Bust a Move,” which featured a bass line by ...
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Chicago -

At the beginning of the 1980s, Chicago had already passed their golden age. Their albums chart positions were slowly slipping. The band was still delivering successful albums though. Their 1980s debut came in 1980 with Chicago XIV. The album yielded one charting single, “Thunder and Lightning” which landed at number 56. Also, in 1981 they released ...

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