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80's Song Lyrics from Digital Garden To DO I BELIEVE ?

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Digital GardenPrince
Digital TendernessAdam Ant
Dim All The LightsDonna Summer
Dingui-li-BanguiGloria Estefan
Dinner With DoloresPrince
DinosaurAdrian Belew
Dipping Low (in the Lap of Luxury)ZZ Top
Dirty DogZZ Top
Dirty DreamsAlice Cooper
Dirty LaundryDon Henley
Dirty Little GirlElton John
Dirty MindPrince
Dirty White BoyForeigner
DiseaseGary Numan
DisgracelandAlice Cooper
DissatisfiedFleetwood Mac
Disturbance At The Heron HouseREM
DIVEHeaven 17
Dixie BoyAlabama
Dixie LilyElton John
Dixieland DelightAlabama
DJ Gets JumpedPrince
DJ Seduces SonnyPrince
DO I BELIEVE ?Heaven 17

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Gary Numan -

Gary Numan released his fourth album in 1980, Telekon. The album managed to arrive at number one in the UK, following in the footsteps of two albums that preceded it. The album included singles such as, “This Wreckage,” “We are Glass,’ and, “I Die: You Die.” The single "Cars", became a Top 10 hit in America in 1980 and is probably his most famous r...
80s Music Artist Bio

Christopher Cross -

The first Christopher Cross album was self-titled. In 1980 he released his first single off the album, “Ride like the Wind.” The single became a number 2 hit in the United States. His next single fared even better, “Sailing,” became a number one pop chart hit. ...
80s Music Artist Bio

The Timex Social Club -

In the year 1986, the Timex Social Club was signed to the Danya record label. Their sole album, Vicious Rumors, came out that year. Their one major hit on that album, “Rumors,” made it to Number Eight on the charts. Michael Marshall performed the lead vocals on that track. “Rumors was followed by two more single, “Thinkin’ About Ya” and “Mixed Up W...

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