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80's Song Lyrics from China Lady To Circle Of Life

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China LadyAccept
Chinese RockRamones
Chinese TortureQueen
Chinese WhispersAlan Parsons Project
Chip Away The StoneAerosmith
Chiquitita (In Spanish)ABBA
ChloeElton John
Chop, Chop, ChopAlice Cooper
Chorus And The RingREM
Christian D'orAdam Ant
Christie LeeBilly Joel
Christmas At Ground ZeroWeird Al Yankovic
Christmas in DixieAlabama
Christmas in Your ArmsAlabama
Christmas Is LoveAlabama
Christmas MemoriesAlabama
Christmas Memories Of Weird Al YankovicWeird Al Yankovic
Christmas ShoesAlabama
Christopher Tracy's ParadePrince
Chromatic DeathAnthrax
Church Of The Poisoned MindCulture Club
Cindy C.Prince
Circle Dream10000 Maniacs
Circle Of AmourPrince
Circle Of LifeElton John

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Dionne Warwick -

Dionne Warwick released her first album in the 1980s in 1980, when she released No Night So Long. She released this album soon after changing to Artista Records. The album’s title track climbed up to number 26 in the US....
80s Music Artist Bio

Gary Wright -

He appeared on television at the age of seven. He would later move to Europe as a student of psychology. In the late 1960s, Wright joined the band Spooky Tooth as keyboardist and vocalist. After the band’s demise in the early 1970s, Wright launched a solo career that would culminate with the release of “Dream Weaver.”...
80s Music Artist Bio

John Cougar Mellencamp -

Mellencamp began the 1980s with the release of the album Nothin’ Matters and What If It Did. This album boasted the singles “Ain’t Even Done With The Night” and “This Time.” But it would take another two years for Mellencamp to record and release his breakthrough album, American Fool. It featured the well known singles “Jack and Diane” and “Hurts S...

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