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Wang Chung Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s British New Wave band Wang Chung were one of the decade’s most successful musical groups. They are perhaps best known for their hit single “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.”

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The band started out in the year 1979 under the name Huang Chung. The original line up featured Jack Hues on guitar and vocals, Nick Feldman on bass, and Darren Costin on drums. In the year 1982, the band’s self titled debut album was released on Arista Records. The following year, the band was dropped by Arista and signed by Geffen. At that point, they changed their name to Wang Chung.

In the year 1986, Costin decided to leave Wang Chung. Feldman and Hues continued to record under that name, however. Hues would go on to get his name legally changed to “Wang Chung,” and the band scored their biggest hits – “Let’s Go” and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.” Three years later, the band released their last album, The Warmer Side of Cool. Wang Chung split up in the year 1991. They got back together recently, however, and talk of a new Wang Chung album is in the works. A new song called “I Was Abducted by the ‘80s” can be heard on Wang Chung’s myspace.com site.

The albums of Wang Chung include Huang Chung, Points on the Curve, To Live and Die in L.A., Mosaic, The Warmer Side of Cool, Everybody Wang Chung Tonight: Wang Chung’s Greatest Hits, and 20th Century Masters – the Millennium Collection: The Best of Wang Chung.

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