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Toto Artist Bio and Lyrics

The American ‘80s band Toto are best known for their commercially successful music of the 1980s. Their unique sound has been said to blend elements of a variety of different genres, including jazz, funk, rock and roll, and more. To date, Toto has sold about thirty million albums around the world.

Toto Top 80's Hits and
Lyrics From Project 80's

TotoLyrics Rosanna
Lyrics Africa
Lyrics I Won't Hold You Back
Lyrics I'll Be Over You
Lyrics A Million Miles Away
Lyrics 2 Hearts
Lyrics A Secret Love
Lyrics 99
Lyrics A Thousand Years
Lyrics Afraid Of Love
Lyrics After You've Gone
Lyrics All Us Boys
Lyrics Angela
Lyrics Angel Don't Cry
Lyrics Animal
Lyrics Anna
Lyrics Baby He's Your Man
Lyrics Blackeye
Lyrics Better World
Lyrics Can You Hear What I'm Saying
Lyrics Can't Stand It Any Longer
Lyrics Change Of Heart
Lyrics Caught In The Balance
Lyrics Carmen
Lyrics Could This Be Love
Lyrics Don't Chain My Heart
Lyrics Cruel
Lyrics Endless
Lyrics Drag Him To The Roof
Lyrics English Eyes
Lyrics Fahrenheit
Lyrics Georgy Porgy
Lyrics Gift Of Faith
Lyrics Gift With A Golden Gun
Lyrics Girl Goodbye
Lyrics Goin' Home
Lyrics Goodbye Elenore
Lyrics Goog For You
Lyrics Gypsy Train
Lyrics High Price Of Hate
Lyrics Holyanna
Lyrics Hold The Line
Lyrics How Does It Feel
Lyrics Home Of The Brave
Lyrics Hydra
Lyrics How Many Times
Lyrics I Think I Could Stand You Forever
Lyrics I Will Remember
Lyrics I'll Supply The Love
Lyrics If You Belong To Me
Lyrics Isolation
Lyrics In A Word
Lyrics If It's The Last Night
Lyrics Just Can't Get To You
Lyrics It's A Feeling
Lyrics Kick Down The Walls
Lyrics Kingdom Of Desire
Lyrics Last Love
Lyrics Lea
Lyrics Last Night
Lyrics Lion
Lyrics Live For Today
Lyrics Lorraine
Lyrics Little Wing
Lyrics Love Has The Power
Lyrics Lovers In The Night
Lyrics Mad About You
Lyrics Make Believe
Lyrics Manuela Run
Lyrics Mama
Lyrics Mindfields
Lyrics Melanie
Lyrics Miss Sun
Lyrics Modern Eyes
Lyrics Mrs. Johnson
Lyrics Mr. Friendly
Lyrics Mushanga
Lyrics Never Enough
Lyrics Mysterious Ways
Lyrics No Love
Lyrics On The Run
Lyrics Only The Children
Lyrics One Road
Lyrics Only You
Lyrics Out Of Love
Lyrics Pamela
Lyrics Right Part Of Me
Lyrics Selfish
Lyrics Rockmaker
Lyrics She Knows The Devil
Lyrics Slipped Away
Lyrics Spanish Steps of Rome
Lyrics Somewhere Tonight
Lyrics St. George And The Dragon
Lyrics Stay Away
Lyrics Straight For The Heart
Lyrics Stop Loving You
Lyrics Takin' It Back
Lyrics Stranger In Town
Lyrics The Other End Of Time
Lyrics Tale Of A Man
Lyrics The Other Side
Lyrics The Turning Point
Lyrics The Road Goes On
Lyrics These Chains
Lyrics Turn Back
Lyrics Till The End
Lyrics Time Is The Enemy
Lyrics Waiting For Your Love
Lyrics White Sister
Lyrics We Can Make It Tonight
Lyrics Wings Of Time
Lyrics We Made It
Lyrics Without Your Love
Lyrics You Got Me
Lyrics You Are The Flower

The roots of the band go back to the year 1976. Two Los Angeles based session musicians, David Paich and Jeff Porcaro, both renowned for their work with Boz Scaggs and Steely Dan, decided to form their own band. They soon added Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate, and singer Bobby Kimball to the line up.

Paich then started writing what would become the band’s debut. After the material was written, the band gathered in the studio to begin working on the album. Porcaro had recently seen the film The Wizard of Oz, and began marking his new band’s demo tapes with the word “Toto” so that he would be able to identify them. When deciding upon a name for their group, the members began studying the roots of the word “Toto.” They found out that it is also a Latin word meaning “all encompassing.” It seemed a perfect fit for the band, and so they took it as a name.

The albums of Toto include The Seventh One, Kingdom of Desire, Tambu, Mindfields, Through the Looking Glass, Falling in Between, Dune, Past to Present 1977-1990, Absolutely Live, Toto XX, Livefields, Live in Amsterdam, and The Essential Toto.

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