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Tommy Tutone Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s rock band Tommy Tutone hails from San Francisco, California. They are perhaps best known for their hit song from the first half of the decade, “867-5309/Jenny.” This track made it to the fourth position on the United States Billboard pop charts. The song became so popular in the nation that to this day, people often will prank call this number in order to ask for Jenny. The band was allegedly nearly sued because of the track; among other victims, the phone number was for the daughter of the Buffalo, New York police chief. Despite the fact that Tommy Tutone is often regarded as a one hit wonder, this is not entirely accurate, as they actually had an earlier hit called “Angel Say No” in the year 1980.

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Many people think that Tommy Tutone is the name of a solo artist. In actuality, Tommy Tutone is the band’s name. The lead singer is Tommy Heath. Originally, the band was called Tommy and the Tutones. Eventually, they shortened their name to Tommy Tutone. The band was founded by Heath and Jim Keller in the 1970s. Heath played keyboards and also sang the lead vocals, while Keller played lead guitar and sang back up vocals. Other members of the band included Jon Lyons, Greg Sutton, Victor Carberry, Jerry Angel, and Steve LeGassick.

Currently, Tommy Heath resides in Portland, Oregon, where he works in the computer industry.

The albums of Tommy Tutone include Tommy Tutone, Tommy Tutone 2, and National Emotion.

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