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The Time Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s funk band the Time were formed in the year 1981. They are a side project and protégés of the superstar Prince.

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The TimeLyrics Jungle Love

The Time first came about as a result of a clause in Prince’s contract, which allowed him to recruit and produce bands for his label. Prince had been inspired by The Idolmaker, a film from the year 1980 about music producer Bob Marucci. Prince decided to put together a band as a pet project that would continue on in the direction of his earlier material while he himself explored other avenues of music. The Time was built out of an existing Minneapolis area funk band called Flyte Tyme, which featured Jellybean Johnson, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, and Monte Moir. Prince then added Jesse Johnson, Morris Day, and Jerome Benton to the line up.

The Time would release four albums during the main course of their career. Each albums was strongly influenced by Prince and Parliament. They managed to score numerous hits, including “The Bird,” “jungle Love,” “777-9311,” “Get It Up,” “Cool,” and “Gigolos Get Lonely Too.” They never managed to attain Prince’s superstar status, however. Many feel that, while Morris Day was a strong front man, his songwriting skills were rather weak, which hence stifled the group’s development. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were ejected from the band in the year 1983 after they were stranded in Atlanta, where they had been producing other artists, and failed to make it to a Time concert in Texas.

The albums of the Time include The Time, What Time is It?, Ice Cream Castle, and 1990’s Pandemonium.

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