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The Thompson Twins Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s band the Thompson Twins played New Wave and Pop music. They started out in the year 1977, and broke up in the year 1993. The band attained the height of their popularity in the middle of the 1980s, when they scored a ton of hits in the United Kingdom and also managed to break in to the Canadian and American markets. They have sold a total of fifty million records around the world. The band took their name from the two bumbling detectives in The Adventures of Tintin comic strip by Hergé.

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The Thompson TwinsLyrics Hold Me Now
Lyrics Lay Your Hands On Me
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The band’s original line up consisted of bassist and singer Tom Bailey, drummer Jon Podgorski, guitarist and vocalist Pete Dodd, and guitarist John Roog. Dodd and Roog had known each other since the age of thirteen.

The Thompson Twins scored their first major success with the release of the single “In the Name of Love.” In the year 1983, they would make it on to the singles charts in both the United Kingdom and the United States with “Love On Your Side” and “Lies.” Other popular songs by the Thompson Twins include “Watching” and “We Are Detective.” The Thompson Twins disbanded in 1993. No reunion tours are in the works.

The albums of the Thompson Twins include A Product of … (Participation), Set, In the Name of Love, Quick Step and Side Kick, Into the Gap, Here’s to Future Days, Close to the Bone, The Best of Thompson Twins: Greatest Mixes, Big Trash, Thompson Twins – Greatest Hits, and Queer.

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