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TPau Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s band T’Pau was led by Carol Decker, the vocalist. They managed to score a string of hits in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States in the course of their career.

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T’Pau started out in the year 1986. Their name was taken from a Star trek character. In 1987, they released their debut single, “Heart and Soul,” which became a massive hit in the United States, although it did not do so well at first in the United Kingdom. Their follow up single, “China In Your Hand,” had the opposite effect – it did very well in the United Kingdom and Europe, but had very little impact in the United States. Other hits in the United Kingdom included “Sex Talk,” “Valentine,” “Secret Garden,” and “I Will Be With You.” Bridge of Spies, the group’s album of 1987, became a best seller and won several awards in the United Kingdom.

The band broke up in the year 1991 after being unable to uphold their previous success. Decker regularly makes appearances on television, including the shows Hit Me Baby One More Time, Weakest Link, Never Mind the Bollocks, and Just the Two of Us. The band got back together in the year 1998, and in addition to Decker, currently features Dean Howard, Ronnie Rogers, Tim Burgess, Paul Jackson, and Michael Chetwood.

The albums of T’Pau include Bridge of Spies, Rage, The Promise, Heart and Soul: The Very Best of T’Pau, The Greatest Hits, Red, Greatest Hits Live, and Hits.

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