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Soft Cell Artist Bio and Lyrics

Soft Cell was an 80s band made up of a pair of synthesizer players. Marc Almond grew up in Southport, a seaside town in Western England. David Ball also grew up in a seaside town in Blackpool, England. They formed a duo of novel musicians and joined a synthetic music scene that was extremely popular in England.

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Soft CellLyrics Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go

The two members of the 80s band Soft Cell met in college, where they attended Leeds Polytechnic Fine Arts School in Yorkshire, England. The pair collaborated on a few abstract arts performances in the school. Ball, who came from playing guitar, began experimenting in the university’s campus studio where he familiarized himself with the synthesizer technology that would build up to Soft Cell.

Soft Cell’s first EP attracted the attention of labels like Mute records and Some Bizarre records who where pioneering synthesizing 80s bands. The labels became impatient and allowed Soft Cell one last attempt to produce a chart hit.

Soft Cell chose to put forth a uniquely altered version of the old soul classic “Tainted Love” by Gloria Jones. The song was a number 1 hit in seventeen countries. Despite the massiveness of the single it was the only major hit in the United States. However many other hits were born in the United Kindom such as "Bedsitter," "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye," "Torch," and "What."

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