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Karyn White Artist Bio and Lyrics

Born Karyn Layvonne White in Los Angeles, California, the youngest of five children, Karyn White would grow up to become a renowned '80s artist. Her career was launched when she got a gig singing on the Jeff Lorber single “Facts of Love.”

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Karyn WhiteLyrics The Way You Love Me
Lyrics Secret Rendezvous

After graduating from Howard University, White’s eponymous debut album was released in the year 1988. That album contained such well known songs as “The Way You Love Me,” “Superwoman,” “Secret Rendezvous,” and “Love Saw It,” a duet with Babyface, who produced the album.

White’s next album, Ritual of Love, was released in the year 1991. It featured several songs that were produced by the winning team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. That album featured the hit song “Romantic,” which made it to the top of the charts in the United States. Other well known songs from that album include “Do Unto Me,” The Way I Feel About You,” and “Walkin’ the Dog.”

In the year 1994, White’s album Make Him Do Right was released. While it featured two well known songs, “Hungah” and “Can I Stay With You,” the album did not sell very well. After having dropped out of the public eye for a while, White is currently working on her first solo album in over twelve years.

The albums of Karyn White include Karyn White, Ritual of Love, Make Him Do Right, Sweet & Sensual, Rhino Hi Five: Karyn White, Action Fighter, and Superwoman: The Best.

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