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John Waite Artist Bio and Lyrics

Born John Charles Waite on the 4th of July 1952 in Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom, John Waite is a renowned 80's music artist. Waite was the front man of a popular group called the Babys, but he is best known for his solo work throughout the decade.

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John WaiteLyrics Missing You

The Babys had broken up after the release of their fifth album, On the Edge, at the outset of the 1980s, anyway. In the year 1982, Waite launched his first solo album, Ignition. It featured the hit song “Change,” which had been written by Holly Knight and was later included on the soundtrack to Vision Quest.

But it was Waite’s next album, No Brakes, that would transport the singer to international stardom. It included the massive hit “Missing You,” which made it to the top position on the charts in the United States. It was about time, from the standpoint of his fans, who had long felt that Waite was under recognized and under appreciated.

Waite would later become the singer of the band Bad English, which featured former Journey members Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon, as well as future Journey member Deen Castronovo. Bad English had a major hit in the ‘80s with “When I See You Smile,” which was written by Diane Warren. That song made it to the top of the charts in the United States.

The albums of John Waite include Ignition, No Brakes, Mask of Smiles, Rovers Return, Temple Bar, When You Were Mine, Figure in a Landscape, The Hard Way, and 2006’s Downtown Journey of a Heart.

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