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INXS Artist Bio and Lyrics

INXS is an Australian rock band which was officially formed in 1977. The band has received three Grammy awards in their career, and been inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame.

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INXSLyrics What You Need
Lyrics Need You Tonight
Lyrics Devil Inside
Lyrics New Sensation
Lyrics Never Tear Us Apart

INXS’ self-titled debut album was released in 1980. The album included the single, “Just Keep Walking.” In 1982 INXS released their third album, Shabooh Shabah which was the bands first album released around the globe.

In 1983, INXS followed up with their album titled, The Swing. This album was very successful in Australia, resting on the top 50 selling albums for 2 years, however, it was generally unheard of in the US.

One of INXS’ most famous albums, Listen Like Thieves was released in 1985. The album contained singles such as “This Time,” “What You Need,” “Listen Like Thieves,” and “Kiss the Dirt.” The single, “What You Need,” was the bands first top 5 single.

The last INXS album of the 1980s was Kick in 1987. This album was among the band’s most successful including top ten singles, “Devil Inside,” “New Sensation” and “Never Tear Us Apart.”

In 2005, CBS aired a reality TV show, Rock Star: INXS, whereby INXS acquired new vocalist, J.D. Fortune.

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