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Great White Artist Bio and Lyrics

Great White was a Blues/Glam-Metal band in the 1980s. They began the road to their success when they toured with Dokken after releasing their third album.

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Great WhiteLyrics Once Bitten Twice Shy

The third album from Great White was self-titled, and released in 1984. It included songs like, “Out of the Night,” “On Your Knees,” and “Nightmares.” Their next album was Shot in the Dark which was released in 1986. This album was the album that triggered their tour with Dokken which opened up for more potential success.

Great White’s next album was titled, Once Bitten…, this album was the bands most successful album. The alum included singles such as, “Rock Me,” “Lady Red Light,” and “Save Your Love.” In 1988 the album was certified Platinum.

Following the released of Once Bitten, Great White released the album, Recovery: Live and followed up with the album, …Twice Shy. The bands major successful time seemed to be up.

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