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Golden Earring Artist Bio and Lyrics

Golden Earring was a Dutch Pop group that formed in the early 1960s. They released a lot of albums over the course of their career and achieved considerable success in the 1980s.

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Golden EarringLyrics Twilight Zone

The first album from Golden Earring in the 1980s was in 1980 with Prisoner of the Night. This album was released on the label Polydor and produced by George Kooymans who also fronted the band and wrote most of the songs.

In 1981, Golden Earring released a live album, 2nd Live. Their next album was Cut in 1982. The single, “Twilight Zone,” was a number one Mainstream Rock single and helped boost the album up to number 24 on the Billboard Pop Albums.

Golden Earring continued releasing albums following-up their success, in 1984 they released N.E.W.S. which slipped in the charts to number 107. Following the album the band released yet another live album, Something Heavy Going Down.

In 1986, Golden Earring tried to hold onto its success with the release of The Hole. The album only went as far as number 196 on the Hot 200 Albums but contained the number 36 single, “Quiet Eyes.”

In 1989, Golden Earring released their last album of the 1980s. Keeper of the Flame was released under Batabak Records, but not well-received by the public. The album didn’t meet any major success on the charts, and Golden Earring continued on into the 1990s.

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