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George Benson Artist Bio and Lyrics

The American ‘80s artist George Benson was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 22nd of March 1943. His career was launched at the age of 21, when he began playing jazz guitar.

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George BensonLyrics Give Me The Night
Lyrics Turn Your Love Around

Benson is perhaps best known however as a pop and rhythm and blues singer. He has scored numerous hits throughout the course of his career, including “Give Me the Night,” “Lady Love (One More Time),” “This Masquerade,” “In Your Eyes,” and “Turn Your Love Around.”

Benson was signed to Warner Brothers in the 1970s. With the release of his album This Masquerade, Benson’s career really took off, winning the musician a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Around this time, he also released a live version of the classic number “On Broadway.” Benson’s song “The Greatest Love of All” was later covered by Whitney Houston.

In the 1980s, Benson did not do so well on the charts. During this period, he reverted back to his jazz roots. He still records and performs to this day.

The albums of George Benson include The New Boss Guitar, Benson Burner, This is Jazz Vol. 9, Its Uptown, George Benson Cookbook, Blue Benson, Willow Weep For Me, Giblet Gravy, the Shape of Things to Come, Tell It Like It Is, The Other Side of Abbey Road, I Got a Woman and Some Blues, Beyond the Blue Horizon, Body Talk, Bad Benson, Give Me the Night, The George Benson Collection, and The Most Exciting New Guitarist on the Jazz Scene.

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