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Gary Numan Artist Bio and Lyrics

Gary Numan was born on March 8, 1958. His career began in the late 1970s and carried over into the 1990s.

Gary Numan Top 80's Hits and
Lyrics From Project 80's

Gary NumanLyrics Cars
Lyrics A Child With The Ghost
Lyrics A Cry in the Dark
Lyrics A Dream Of Siam
Lyrics A Game Called Echo
Lyrics A Little Lost Soul
Lyrics A Question Of Faith
Lyrics A Subway Called "You"
Lyrics Absolution
Lyrics Airlane
Lyrics All Across The Nation
Lyrics Alone And Afraid
Lyrics America
Lyrics An Alien Cure
Lyrics Anthem
Lyrics Are Friends Electric?
Lyrics Are You Real
Lyrics Asylum
Lyrics Basic J
Lyrics Berserker
Lyrics Betrayal
Lyrics Big Alien
Lyrics Black Heart
Lyrics Bleed
Lyrics Blind Faith
Lyrics Blue Eyes
Lyrics Bombay
Lyrics Bombers
Lyrics Boys Like Me
Lyrics Breathe In Emotion
Lyrics Bridge? What Bridge?
Lyrics Call Out The Dogs
Lyrics Change Your Mind
Lyrics Check It
Lyrics Climax
Lyrics Cloud Dancing
Lyrics Cold
Lyrics Cold House
Lyrics Cold Metal Rhythm
Lyrics Cold Warning
Lyrics Complex
Lyrics Confession
Lyrics Conversation
Lyrics Crash
Lyrics Creatures
Lyrics Crime Of Passion
Lyrics Critics
Lyrics Cry
Lyrics Cry Baby (Cry)
Lyrics Cry, The Clock Said
Lyrics Dance
Lyrics Dark
Lyrics Dark Mountain
Lyrics Dark Rain
Lyrics Dark Sunday
Lyrics Dead Heaven
Lyrics Deadliner
Lyrics Desire
Lyrics Devious
Lyrics Devotion
Lyrics Disease
Lyrics Do You Need The Service?
Lyrics Do You Wonderl
Lyrics Do Your Best
Lyrics Dominion Day
Lyrics Dont Call My Name
Lyrics Down In The Park
Lyrics Dream Killer
Lyrics Elm Street
Lyrics Embryo
Lyrics Emotion
Lyrics Empire
Lyrics Empty Bed, Empty Heart
Lyrics Engineers
Lyrics Everyday I Die
Lyrics Exhibition
Lyrics Exile
Lyrics Face To Face (Letters)
Lyrics Faces
Lyrics Fadeout 1930
Lyrics Fairy Tales
Lyrics Films
Lyrics Found You Now
Lyrics Frantic
Lyrics Friends
Lyrics From Russia Infected
Lyrics Generator
Lyrics Ghost
Lyrics Glitter And Ash
Lyrics God Only Knows
Lyrics Halloween
Lyrics Hanoi
Lyrics Harmonos
Lyrics Heart
Lyrics Here Am I
Lyrics Hunger
Lyrics I Am Render
Lyrics I Cant Stop
Lyrics I Die: You Die
Lyrics I Dont Believe
Lyrics I Dream Of Wires
Lyrics I Nearly Married A Human
Lyrics I Nearly Married a Human [instrumental]
Lyrics I Sing Rain
Lyrics I Still Remember
Lyrics I Wonder
Lyrics Im An Agent
Lyrics Im On Automatic
Lyrics I, Assassin
Lyrics Ice
Lyrics Icehouse
Lyrics In A Glass House
Lyrics Inferno
Lyrics Innocence Bleeding
Lyrics Interval 1
Lyrics Interval 2
Lyrics Interval 3
Lyrics It Must Have Been Years
Lyrics Jo The Waiter
Lyrics Kiss Me And Die
Lyrics Law And Order
Lyrics Lethal Injection
Lyrics Like A Refugee (I Wont Cry)
Lyrics Listen To The Sirens
Lyrics Little Invitro
Lyrics London Times
Lyrics Love And Napalm
Lyrics Love Is Like Clock Law
Lyrics Love Isolation
Lyrics Love Like A Ghost
Lyrics Love Needs No Disguise
Lyrics M.E.
Lyrics Machine And Soul
Lyrics Machine Heart
Lyrics Magic
Lyrics Magician
Lyrics Manic
Lyrics Me! I Disconnect From You
Lyrics Mean Street
Lyrics Metal
Lyrics Metal Beat
Lyrics Miracles
Lyrics Mission
Lyrics Moral
Lyrics Mother
Lyrics Music For Chameleons
Lyrics My Breathing
Lyrics My Brothers Time
Lyrics My Car Slides
Lyrics My Centurion
Lyrics My Dying Machine
Lyrics My Jesus
Lyrics My Love Is A Liquid
Lyrics My Shadow In Vain
Lyrics My World Storm
Lyrics Navigators
Lyrics Needles
Lyrics New Anger
Lyrics New Life
Lyrics New Thing From London Town
Lyrics Night Talk
Lyrics Nightlife
Lyrics No More Lies
Lyrics Noise Noise
Lyrics O.D. Receiver
Lyrics Observer
Lyrics Oh! Didnt I Say
Lyrics On Broadway
Lyrics Only A Downstat
Lyrics Out Of Sight
Lyrics Outland
Lyrics Photograph
Lyrics Play Like God
Lyrics Please Push No More
Lyrics Poetry And Power
Lyrics Poison
Lyrics Pray
Lyrics Praying To The Aliens
Lyrics Prophecy
Lyrics Pump It Up
Lyrics Pure
Lyrics Radio Heart
Lyrics Red Sky
Lyrics Remember I Was Vapour
Lyrics Remind Me To Smile
Lyrics Replicas
Lyrics Respect
Lyrics RIP
Lyrics Rip It Up
Lyrics Rumour
Lyrics Sahara
Lyrics Scar
Lyrics Shame
Lyrics She Cries
Lyrics Shes Got Claws
Lyrics Sister Surprise
Lyrics Sleep By Windows
Lyrics Slowcar To China
Lyrics Some New Game
Lyrics Somethings In The House
Lyrics Soul Protection
Lyrics Steel And You
Lyrics Stories
Lyrics Stormtrooper In Drag
Lyrics Strange Charm
Lyrics Style Kills
Lyrics Survival
Lyrics Suspicion
Lyrics Telekon
Lyrics Thats Too Bad
Lyrics The 1930s Rust
Lyrics The Aircrash Bureau
Lyrics The Angel Wars
Lyrics The Crazies
Lyrics The Dream Police
Lyrics The Fear
Lyrics The God Film
Lyrics The Hauntings
Lyrics The Hunter
Lyrics The Iceman Comes
Lyrics The Image Is
Lyrics The Joy Circuit
Lyrics The Life Machine
Lyrics The Machine (Steel And You)
Lyrics The Machman
Lyrics The Monday Troop
Lyrics The Need
Lyrics The Pleasure Skin
Lyrics The Rhythm Of The Evening
Lyrics The Secret
Lyrics The Seed Of A Lie
Lyrics The Skin Game
Lyrics The Sleeproom
Lyrics The Tick Tock Man
Lyrics The Unborn
Lyrics The Visitor
Lyrics This Disease
Lyrics This Is Emotion
Lyrics This Is Love
Lyrics This Is My House
Lyrics This Is New Love
Lyrics This Prison Moon
Lyrics This Wreckage
Lyrics Thoughts No. 2
Lyrics Thunder Road
Lyrics Tidal Wave
Lyrics Time To Die
Lyrics Tracks
Lyrics Tread Careful
Lyrics Tribal
Lyrics Tricks
Lyrics Trois Gymnopedies
Lyrics Turn Off The World
Lyrics U Got The Look
Lyrics Undercover
Lyrics Unknown And Hostile
Lyrics Virus
Lyrics Voix
Lyrics Walking with Shadows
Lyrics War Games
Lyrics War Songs
Lyrics Warriors
Lyrics We Are Glass
Lyrics We Are So Fragile
Lyrics We Fold Space
Lyrics We Have A Technical
Lyrics We Need It
Lyrics We Take Mystery (To Bed)
Lyrics Welcome To Love
Lyrics When The Machines Rock
Lyrics Whisper
Lyrics Whisper Of Truth
Lyrics White Boys And Heroes
Lyrics White Light/White Heat
Lyrics Wonder Eye
Lyrics You Are In My Vision
Lyrics You Are, You Are
Lyrics You Walk In My Soul
Lyrics Young Heart
Lyrics Your Fascination
Lyrics Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)

Gary Numan released his fourth album in 1980, Telekon. The album managed to arrive at number one in the UK, following in the footsteps of two albums that preceded it. The album included singles such as, “This Wreckage,” “We are Glass,’ and, “I Die: You Die.” The single "Cars", became a Top 10 hit in America in 1980 and is probably his most famous release.

Gary Numan’s next album in the 1980s marked his slow descent in his chart performance. His fifth album, Dance was a number 3 album, and included songs like, “She’s Got Claws,” and “Stormtrooper in Drag.” In 1982 he released I, Assasain. The album only went as far as number 8.

In 1983, Gary Numan released Warriors, which ultimately charted number 12. From the album, two top 40 singles, “Warriors,” and “Sister Surprise,” were released. His next album was Berserker in 1984. This album was his first album on his new, self-owned label.

Gary Numan continued released moderately successful albums through the 1980s. He released albums such as, The Fury (1985), Strange Charm (1986), and Metal Rhythm (1988).

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