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Fleetwood Mac Artist Bio and Lyrics

Fleetwood Mac was an American Pop band formed in July of 1967. Its founding members included Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. The band’s mainstream success occurred during the mid-1970s until the late 1980s.

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Fleetwood MacLyrics Sara
Lyrics Tusk
Lyrics Hold Me
Lyrics Little Lies
Lyrics Big Love
Lyrics Beautiful Child
Lyrics Before The Beginning
Lyrics Behind The Mask
Lyrics Believe Me
Lyrics Bermuda Triangle
Lyrics Bleed To Love Her
Lyrics Blood On The Floor
Lyrics Blow By Blow
Lyrics Blue Letter
Lyrics Book Of Love
Lyrics Born Enchanter
Lyrics Bright Fire
Lyrics Brown Eyes
Lyrics Buddys Song
Lyrics Cant Afford To Do It
Lyrics Cant Go Back
Lyrics Caroline
Lyrics Caught In The Rain
Lyrics Child Of Mine
Lyrics Cold Black Night
Lyrics Come A Little Bit Closer
Lyrics Coming Home
Lyrics Coming Your Way
Lyrics Crystal
Lyrics Did You Ever Love Me
Lyrics Dissatisfied
Lyrics Do You Know
Lyrics Dont Let Me Down Again
Lyrics Dont Stop
Lyrics Dragonfly
Lyrics Dreamin The Dream
Lyrics Dreams
Lyrics Dust
Lyrics Dust My Broom
Lyrics Earl Gray
Lyrics Emerald Eyes
Lyrics Empire State
Lyrics Evenin Boogie
Lyrics Everywhere
Lyrics Eyes Of The World
Lyrics Family Man
Lyrics Fighting For Madge
Lyrics Fireflies
Lyrics First Train Home
Lyrics Fleetwood Mac
Lyrics For Your Love
Lyrics Forever
Lyrics Freedom
Lyrics Future Games
Lyrics Go Your Own Way
Lyrics Gold Dust Woman
Lyrics Got To Move
Lyrics Hard Feelings
Lyrics Hellhound On My Trail
Lyrics Heroes Are Hard To Find
Lyrics Hi Ho Silver
Lyrics Hollywood (Some Other Kind Of Town)
Lyrics Homeward Bound
Lyrics Homework
Lyrics Honey Hi
Lyrics Hypnotized
Lyrics I Believe My Time Aint Long
Lyrics I Cant Hold Out
Lyrics I Do
Lyrics I Dont Want To Know
Lyrics I Got In For You
Lyrics I Know Im Not Wrong
Lyrics I Loved Another Woman
Lyrics I Wonder Why
Lyrics Im A Road Runner
Lyrics Im So Afraid
Lyrics Ive Lost My Baby
Lyrics If You Be My Baby
Lyrics In The Back Of My Mind
Lyrics Isnt It Midnight
Lyrics Jewel Eyed Judy
Lyrics Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
Lyrics Just Crazy Love
Lyrics Keep On Going
Lyrics Last Night
Lyrics Lay It All Down
Lyrics Lazy Poker Blues
Lyrics Leaving Town Blues
Lyrics Like Crying
Lyrics Like It This Way
Lyrics Long Grey Mare
Lyrics Looking For Somebody
Lyrics Love In Store
Lyrics Love Is Dangerous
Lyrics Love That Burns
Lyrics Love That Woman
Lyrics Loving Kind
Lyrics Man Of The World
Lyrics Mean Old Fireman
Lyrics Merry Go Round
Lyrics Miles Away
Lyrics Mission Bell
Lyrics Monday Morning
Lyrics Morning Rain
Lyrics My Babys Good To Me
Lyrics My Dream
Lyrics My Heart Beat Like A Hammer
Lyrics My Little Demon
Lyrics Mystified
Lyrics Need Your Love So Bad
Lyrics Need Your Love Tonight
Lyrics Never Forget
Lyrics Never Going Back Again
Lyrics Never Make Me Cry
Lyrics Night Watch
Lyrics Nights In Estoril
Lyrics No Place To Go
Lyrics No Questions Asked
Lyrics Not That Funny
Lyrics Nothing Without You
Lyrics Oh Daddy
Lyrics Oh Diane
Lyrics Oh Well
Lyrics One More Night
Lyrics One Sunny Day
Lyrics One Together
Lyrics Only Over You
Lyrics Ooh Baby
Lyrics Over My Head
Lyrics Prove Your Love
Lyrics Remember Me
Lyrics Revelation
Lyrics Rollin Man
Lyrics Safe Harbour
Lyrics Sands Of Time
Lyrics Save Me
Lyrics Save Me A Place
Lyrics Say You Love Me
Lyrics Second Hand News
Lyrics Sentimental Lady
Lyrics Seven Wonders
Lyrics Shake Your Moneymaker
Lyrics Shes Changing Me
Lyrics Show Me A Smile
Lyrics Show-Biz Blues
Lyrics Silver Heels
Lyrics Silver Springs
Lyrics Sisters Of The Moon
Lyrics Skies The Limit
Lyrics Somebody
Lyrics Something Inside Of Me
Lyrics Sometimes
Lyrics Sooner Or Later
Lyrics Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
Lyrics Staight Back
Lyrics Stand On The Rock
Lyrics Station Man
Lyrics Stop Messin Around
Lyrics Storms
Lyrics Sugar Daddy
Lyrics Sugar Mama
Lyrics Sunny Side Of Heaven
Lyrics Sweet Girl
Lyrics Talk With You
Lyrics Talkin To My Heart
Lyrics Tango In The Night
Lyrics Tell Me All The Things You Do
Lyrics Temporary One
Lyrics Thats All For Everyone
Lyrics Thats Alright
Lyrics Thats Enough For Me
Lyrics The Chain
Lyrics The City
Lyrics The Derelict
Lyrics The Farmers Daughter
Lyrics The Ghost
Lyrics The Green Manalishi
Lyrics The Ledge
Lyrics The Second Time
Lyrics The Way I Feel
Lyrics The World Keep On Turning
Lyrics These Strange Times
Lyrics Think About Me
Lyrics This Is The Rock
Lyrics Trying So Hard To Forget
Lyrics Underway
Lyrics Walk A Thin Line
Lyrics Warm Ways
Lyrics Watch Out
Lyrics Welcome To The Room... Sara
Lyrics What A Shame
Lyrics What Makes You Think Youre The One
Lyrics When I See You Again
Lyrics When It Comes To Love
Lyrics When The Sun Goes Down
Lyrics When You Say
Lyrics Why
Lyrics Winds Of Change
Lyrics Wish You Were Here
Lyrics Without You
Lyrics Woman Of A Thousand Years
Lyrics World Turning
Lyrics Worlds In A Tangle
Lyrics Worried Dream
Lyrics Written by Stevie Nicks.
Lyrics You And I, Part II
Lyrics You Make Loving Fun

In 1975, Fleetwood Mac released their first number one album, which was well known as the White Album. The album only stayed at number one for one week, but it contained several top 20 singles (“Over My Head,” “Rhiannon,” and “Say You Love Me”).

In 1977, Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, which went to number one in both the US and the UK. The album spent one week at number one in the UK, but it spent more than 30 weeks at the top in the US. The album also contained the number one pop single, “Dreams,” as well as three other top 10 singles.

Fleetwood Mac released their next album in 1979, Tusks. The album spent a week at number one in the UK, but peaked at number 4 in the US. Tusk was among the first few albums which utilized digital mixing.

In 1980 Fleetwood Mac released a moderately successful live album. Two years later, Fleetwood Mac released Mirage. Mirage climbed to number five in the UK and spent five weeks at number one in the US.

Fleetwood Mac’s final studio album of the 180s was Tango in the Night. The album rose to number one in the UK, but only went to number 7 in the US. Singles such as “Little Lies,” and “Everywhere,” were number one Adult Contemporary singles.

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