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Fine Young Cannibals Artist Bio and Lyrics

Fine Young Cannibals were an English pop band in the 1980s. They released a few successful albums in the 1980s.

Fine Young Cannibals Top 80's Hits and
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Fine Young CannibalsLyrics She Drives Me Crazy
Lyrics Good Thing
Lyrics As hard as it is
Lyrics Dont let it get you down
Lyrics Dont look back
Lyrics Ever fallen in love
Lyrics Good thing
Lyrics Im not satisfied
Lyrics Im not the man i used to be
Lyrics Its OK
Lyrics Johnny come home
Lyrics She drives me crazy
Lyrics Suspicious minds
Lyrics Tell me what
Lyrics The flame

In 1985, Fine Young Cannibals released their first album. The self titled release climbed to number 49 on the US charts. For singles, the band found most of their success in the UK. Singles such as, “Johnny Come Home,” and “Suspicious Minds,” were both number 8 singles in the UK.

In 1989 the Fine Young Cannibals released their most successful album, The Raw and The Cooked. The album spent seven weeks at number one in the US and enjoyed double platinum album sales in the US.

Singles from the Fine Young Cannibals’ 1989 album “She Drives Me Crazy,” and “Good Thing,” which were both number one singles. The album also included, “Don’t Look Back,” and “I’m Not Satisfied.”

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