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Eddie Rabbitt Artist Bio and Lyrics

Eddie Rabbitt was born on November 27, 1941 in New Jersey. He was a successful country music singer who found some pop success as well.

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Eddie RabbittLyrics Drivin' My Life Away
Lyrics I Love A Rainy Night
Lyrics Step By Step

Eddie Rabbitt’s first album in the 1980s was Horizon in 1980. The album was a breakthrough for its pop success. The single, “I Love a Rainy Night,” was a number one single in both the Country and Pop charts. The album also included the single, “Drivin’ My Life Away,” which was a number one Country and a number 5 Pop single.

In 1981, Eddie Rabbitt released Step by Step. This album also included two number one Country singles, the title track, “Step by Step,” which was also a number 5 Pop single, and “Someone Could Lose a Heart Tonight,” which was a number 15 Pop single.

Eddie Rabbitt followed up Step by Step with his 1982 album, Radio Romance. This album marked the ending of his major commercial success. “You and I,” was a number one Country single and number 7 Pop single, but his next number one country single, “You Can’t Run From Love,” was only a number 55 Pop single.

In 1983, Eddie Rabbitt’s Pop success ended, that year he released a greatest hits album, and followed up with albums such as, The Best Years of My Life, Rabbitt Trax, I Wanna Dance With You, and Jersey Boy.

On May 7, 1988 Eddie Rabbit died of lung cancer, he was 56. During his life, he recorded 26 number one country hits, and many top 40 pop singles.

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